Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

So you’ve heard people are prospering on social media.

Brian Chard Design provides a wide range of social media marketing, advertising, and design services to generate more exposure for your business, product, personal brand, or event. From graphic design, to blogs, to social media content creation such as digital photography or video, Brian Chard Design can create the visuals to tell your brand story.

Strategically developed social medial channels offer optimal ROI, search engine positioning, visibility and customer growth. Brian Chard Design offers custom solutions to provide clients with the flexibility they need for their business.

  • Social media strategy development and consulting
  • Content creation, graphics, and media
  • Short animation and  video clips
  • Social media channel integration
  • Animated web banners or advertisement graphics
  • Animation, interactive design, and custom animations

Contact Brian Chard Design in Kingston, Ontario, Canada today to see how I can help your brand achieve better visibility online.