Treasures and Tales celebrates Queen’s University’s 175th anniversary with significant works of art and archival documents from the university’s early collections. These rarely seen objects harbour intriguing tales about how they came to Kingston, Ontario and why they found a home at Queen’s University. Held until the early twentieth century in various museums, libraries and offices across campus, these objects eventually formed the foundation of the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and Queen’s University Archives collections.

For this exhibit, I designed the logo, an iPad interactive app used inside the gallery, and an online web microsite. The digital media is made up of 18 thumbnails that link to the deeper story behind the exhibit items in the gallery.

It was personally very rewarding to work on the project. The stature of the art involved, the class of the Agnes staff and team, and the research and stories provided by all the people behind the scenes make me truly proud of the final results. I encourage everyone to visit the Agnes to see the exhibit in person.

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