Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Graphic Design, Photography, & Videography

Brian Chard Design’s work for MODO yoga stems from an underlying appreciation for yoga. I try and capture the spirit of MODO yoga in the visuals that I create for MODO. My role with MODO in Kingston has been that of supporting graphic designer and photographer for various events and projects. Being familiar with MODO’s international brand standards manual, MODO can rely on me to produce on-brand media that is second to none and goes above and beyond.

Most notably, I am the creative director on a photography campaign called “Yogis everywhere.” which captures the yogis of MODO extending their practice beyond the walls of the studio and into their daily lives. Another project I created for MODO was a short video for social media that they could share with their followers. The video features the studio and immerses the viewer into a class with Beethoven piano music playing in the background. This video was filmed in a one-hour period on a limited budget and the visual experience is hard to match in any other media format.

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