Photographer, Retoucher, and Photo Editor – Kingston, Ontario, Canada

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Editorial, Fashion, Commercial and Portrait Photographer – Kingston, Ontario, Canada


My photography and photo shoot retouching has appeared in advertising across Canada and the USA including Dwell Magazine, Edible Ottawa, the Globe & Mail, Explore BC, Kootenay Mountain Culture, and Big Sky Journal. I am also an approved Getty Images, iStock, and Adobe Fotolia commercial photographer and contributor. I produce custom photography and images for people, companies, and brands across the globe. For these organizations, only photography that meets the highest standards is accepted. Contact me for my photography and photoshoot rates

Photography Services

High quality photography services with a quick turn-around time, personal service, and reasonable rates

If you are in need of a photographer in Kingston, Ontario or the surrounding areas such as Toronto or Ottawa, I can produce high-quality creative photography for you. Here are some of the types of photography I create:

  • Landscape, urban, and modern photography
  • Portrait and fashion photography
  • Low-key and high-key product photography
  • Photography for websites and website product photography
  • Editorial and commercial photography
  • Real estate and architectural photography
  • Corporate photography and corporate event photography
  • Transportation and automobile photography
  • Medical and archival photography
  • Event photography
  • Cinematic creative motion videos
  • Creative photography content and motion videos for Instagram and SnapChat stories


Photo Services In-Depth

  • Photos for online content creation, social media channels, and website use
  • Photography for advertising, Amazon, Ebay and print work
  • Blog photos, fashion blogger photo shoots
  • Restaurant food photography and retail photos
  • High-resolution photography for publishers and magazines
  • Lifestyle photography for brand advertising and marketing
  • Photo editing for archival and digital preservation
  • Portraiture, portraits of people, and photos of people
  • Photography for celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers
  • Pet portraits, pet photography, and images of animals
  • Natural light portrait photography and wedding photography retouching
  • Personal photographer service for people, bands, travellers and tourists
  • Corporate team photography and head shots
  • Architectural photography and real estate photography
  • Fine art photography, gallery prints, and canvas prints
  • Environmental portraits and editorial photography
  • Commissioned photography and fine art photography prints for sale
  • Automobile photographer and photos for the automobile industry and enthusiasts
  • Professional Canadian freelance landscape and nature photography
  • Stock nature and landscape photography for design and advertising
  • Event photography including birthdays, dinner parties, and family reunions
  • Photobook design, publishing, and online flip books
  • Graphic design for photography prints and digital graphics


Photo Retouching and Photo Editing Services

Make your images look their best. Whether you like a film look, or punchy, vibrant tones, or black and white, I will work with you to make your images look world-class. I use a proven process taking advantage of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to retouch professional wedding photography, portrait photography, and fashion shoots to give them that finalized custom professional look. I have both technical expertise in retouching and photo manipulation, as well I have a stylistic eye for photo finishing and modern tastes. I take pride in offering personalized, custom, digital photography retouching and photo editing for many brands and photographers across North America. My photo retouching services include:

  • Wedding photography retouching
  • Portrait photography retouching
  • Beauty and glamour photo retouching
  • Lifestyle brands and blogger photography retouching
  • Product photography and food photography retouching
  • Automotive photography retouching and stylizing
  • Archival photography restoration
  • Corporate photography retouching
  • Social media photography and campaign branding


The following is a list of edits and adjustment that are reviewed for every single photo I retouch.

  • Cropping, scaling and rating
  • Ability to create different styles and tones
  • Colour correction and level adjustments
  • Brightness and contrast edits
  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Conversion to B&W (if necessary)
  • Split toning and lens correction
  • Architectural tilt adjustments
  • Saturation, vibrance and clarity adjustments
  • HSL adjustments
  • Adjustment brush for localized photo adjustments
  • Basic skin softening
  • Basic spot removal



Photo Editing Tutoring, Training, and Instruction

  • Education, training, and teaching for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • Lightroom custom preset development for RAW / JPEG.
  • Workshops in Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and photography processes.
  • Personal and team training in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photography and retouching services available by quote, fixed price, hourly rates, or commission. Payments accepted by check, PayPal, or Interac e-payment. Serving Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, LA, Sydney and other major cities across the world.

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