High-Quality Creative Photography Services

Photography Services, Photo Editing, & Fine Art Prints

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

I produce professional high-quality photography and vivid engaging photos for advertising and social media. My photography work has appeared in advertising across Canada and the USA including Dwell Magazine, Edible Ottawa, the Globe & Mail, Explore BC, Kootenay Mountain Culture, Coast Magazine, and Big Sky Journal. I am an approved Getty Images, iStock, Kodak It, 500px, and Adobe Fotolia commercial photographer and contributor. I produce custom photography and images for people, companies, and brands across the globe. For these organizations, only photography that meets the highest standards is accepted. I want to get you the best images possible. I’ve had the honour of working with many great photographers and I look for opportunities to collaborate with the best. I also teach photography and give photography lessons to people in Kingston, Ontario.

Commercial Photographer






Photography Studio & Freelance Services

High quality photography services with a quick turn-around time, personal service, and reasonable rates

If you are in need of a photographer in Kingston, Ontario or the surrounding areas such as Toronto or Ottawa, I can produce high-quality creative photography for you. Here are some of the types of photography I create:

  • Landscape, nature, urban, and modern stock photography
  • Studio portraits, street portraits, lifestyle portraits,  and fashion photography
  • Photos of people, pets, and places in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Personal travel photography for visitors, celebrities, models, and bloggers in Kingston, Ontario
  • Low-key and high-key product photography for websites, Amazon, and Ebay
  • Lifestyle portrait photography for websites and website product photography
  • Editorial, commercial, and stock photography for publishers
  • Real estate and architectural photography for advertising
  • Corporate photography and corporate event photography
  • Transportation and automobile photography
  • Medical and archival photography
  • Event photography
  • Cinematic creative motion videos
  • Creative photography content and motion videos for Instagram and SnapChat stories


Photo Services In-Depth

  • Stock photography for online content creation, social media channels, and website use
  • Kingston Ontario stock photography and Canadian stock photography
  • photography for advertising, Amazon, Ebay and print work
  • Blog photos, fashion blogger photo shoots
  • Restaurant food photography and retail photos
  • High-resolution photography for publishers and magazines
  • Lifestyle photography for brand advertising and marketing
  • Photo editing for archival and digital preservation
  • Portraiture, portraits of people, and photos of people
  • Photography for celebrities, models, and fashion bloggers
  • Pet portraits, pet photography, and images of animals
  • Natural light portrait photography and wedding photography retouching
  • Personal photographer service for people, bands, travellers and tourists
  • Corporate team photography and head shots
  • Architectural photography and real estate photography
  • Fine art photography, gallery prints, and canvas prints
  • Environmental portraits and editorial photography
  • Commissioned photography and fine art photography prints for sale
  • Automobile photographer and photos for the automobile industry and enthusiasts
  • Professional Canadian freelance landscape and nature photography
  • Stock nature and landscape photography for design and advertising
  • Event photography including birthdays, dinner parties, and family reunions
  • Photobook design, publishing, and online flip books
  • Graphic design for photography prints and digital graphics


Photo Retouching and Photo Editing Services

Make your images look their best. Whether you like a film look, or punchy, vibrant tones, or black and white, I will work with you to make your images look world-class. I use a proven process taking advantage of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to retouch professional wedding photography, portrait photography, and fashion shoots to give them that finalized custom professional look. I have both technical expertise in retouching and photo manipulation, as well I have a stylistic eye for photo finishing and modern tastes. I take pride in offering personalized, custom, digital photography retouching and photo editing for many brands and photographers across North America. My photo retouching services include:

  • Wedding photography retouching
  • Portrait photography retouching
  • Beauty and glamour photo retouching
  • Lifestyle brands and blogger photography retouching
  • Product photography and food photography retouching
  • Automotive photography retouching and stylizing
  • Archival photography restoration
  • Corporate photography retouching
  • Social media photography and campaign branding


The following is a list of edits and adjustment that are reviewed for every single photo I retouch.

  • Cropping, scaling and rating
  • Ability to create different styles and tones
  • Colour correction and level adjustments
  • Brightness and contrast edits
  • Noise reduction and sharpening
  • Conversion to B&W (if necessary)
  • Split toning and lens correction
  • Architectural tilt adjustments
  • Saturation, vibrance and clarity adjustments
  • HSL adjustments
  • Adjustment brush for localized photo adjustments
  • Basic skin softening
  • Basic spot removal



Photography Lessons, Photo Editing Training, and Instruction

I teach photography to those individuals who are looking to improve their skills. From high school students to seniors, I can help give you customized instruction to improve your images. Whether you are beginner photographer or amateur, I have photography tips and tricks to help improve your results.

  • Photography lessons and instructions
  • Photo walks and portrait photography skills
  • Education, training, and teaching for Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign
  • Lightroom custom preset development for RAW / JPEG.
  • Workshops in Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, and photography processes.
  • Personal and team training in Lightroom and Photoshop

Photography and retouching services available by quote, fixed price, hourly rates, or commission. Payments accepted by check, PayPal, or Interac e-payment.

Serving Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, New York, LA and other major cities across the world.

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